Pietism: The Religion of Choice for Governments

Pietism is a movement which believes Christianity has no place for the governance of society. Kings and rulers throughout history have used pietism to further remove the influence of Christianity from the public square. True Christianity understands that Christ and His rule impact both the personal and the public.
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The Destructive Influence of Pietism in America

Many American Christians speak of “a national revival” as being the only cure for our national ills. Even if there were a great revival in this nation, we would not see any of the change in the hearts of men translated into a change in America’s laws because American Christianity is rooted in and wed to Pietism.
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The Bane of Pietism and Murder of the Preborn

Many American Christians have attacked our efforts on behalf of the preborn over the years because they believe that their faith only affects them personally and that they should withdraw from the public square and public policy.   This article puts those erroneous views to rest.
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